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Nikon D3 News

Posted on Friday, 08 June 2007 05:30AM by Photography newsdesk
More snippets seem to have started to come out regarding the Nikon D3 

In France the magazine "Reponses Photo" declares in the new june issue of their popular magazine th New D3...

They inform us that it will be a 18.7 Megapixels with a 1.1 frame (nearly full frame) and it allows to maintain the Nikon F mount.
As the D2X this DSRL has 8 im/sec with a DX frame and 5 im/sec with the 1.1 frame.

DX lenses won't suit the 1.1 frame and will be maintained for the actual DSLR's and the future amateur Nikon DSLR's.

The 18,7 Mpix chip will come from Sony and will be exclusive for Nikon dor the 12 months after the launching of the camera (as it was always done in the past ...)

Nikon director and spokesman in France Benoit de Dieuleveult declares that he can't give any comments on this proposals, but he states : " Nikon don't want to reduce their Pro Market. On the contrary, our intention is to increase our parts in this market. We have developed very nice new pro products that will make us take back the lost parts and increase our position in the Pro market. Actuelly i can't say more but you wont be disappointed ..."

we have yet to confirm the above statement but our sources at nikon are being strangely difficult to contact which seems to happen just before release of something major so lets keep our fingers crossed. Remember our advice through the grapevine is still a summer release so in next few months we could be in for something that will rock the camera world!