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New Nikon Model Announcement Imminent !

Posted on Monday, 02 July 2007 03:51PM by Photo Newsdesk
A source with a proven track record today has contacted our newsdesk with news of what most of the Nikon addicts out there have been waiting for and thats news of the professional range new model nikon D3 range will be announced on the 25th July ! Why the 25th of July we hear you ask ? Well at the end of this month Nikon will celebrate its 90th anniversary of producing camera equipment and our contact informs us that the new model will be unveiled there. Although the actual model number is still a closely guarded secret our source told us to be ready for 2 new jaw dropping features said to put Nikon way above anything its rivals currently offer (read Canon - Ed). We have suspected for some time that a hard drive enabled camera with 40-80gb internals has been on the cards so maybe its worth hoping that this is one new feature! Full frame sensor is something we have been assured is NOT on the cards so we are going to stick our neck out and say that we believe the only other jaw dropper would be frames per second so we are going for 12FPS on high speed at 6MP . Roll on the 25th!