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2008 Photokina Innovations

The Photokina expo was a roaring success for the 2008 season and we saw a huge variety of innovations and new technologies that will revolutionise DSLR photography in the not too distant future. The event runs for six days and you could spend the six days wondering from stall to stall and still not see everything that Photokina has to offer. Here at the Photography Website we are pleased to be able to bring you reports on the latest innovations showcased at Photokina 2008

The innovation that has most people talking is the new micro four thirds standard. This has been in development by Olympus and Panasonic for some time now and promises to allow the creation of far smaller and more compact camera equipment along with a unique new interchangeable lens system. Panasonic were also on hand to roll out the Lumix DMC-G1, the first camera in the world to utilise this system.

Fujifilms new 3D camera also stole a fairly large portion of the limelight; this unique camera system employs dual lenses and a highly specialised controller chip packed with innovations to create true stereoscopic 3D images. Fuji are promising that this will be no fad and rumous are surfacing that other manufacturers are producing their own versions of this 3D innovation.

Nikon were on hand to show off their D90, the first DSLR camera able to capture high definition video. Canon were eager to not be beaten and unveiled their EOS 5D Mark II which records at a higher quality than the D90 (1080p as opposed to 720p) and we predict that this will become standard for the next crop of DSLRs to hit the market.

The Pretec stand was buzzing with activity; the company unvieled a new 100GB CF card, making this the largest CompactFlash card in the world that will fit 4,000 25MG RAW images on with ease. Although it is initially expensive Pretec expect the price to drop as availablility increases.

Leica also featured a sizeable presence at Photokina and were keen to demonstrate their new S2, the highest resolution DSLR on the market, overtaking even the Sony A900. The 37 megapixel sensor on the Leica S2 has been developed in association with Kodak and offers incredible quality as you would expect from any piece of Leica equipment.