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Fujifilm's Pioneering Real 3-D Camera

Although not strictly related to DSLR photography Fuji's new 3D camera has ramifications for the entire photography industry. 20 years after the format was first demonstrated (and laughed at) Fuji have re-designed and resurrected the 3D camera; their two lensed approach takes images and movies in true 3D and can also capture wide angle-photos of single scenes simultaneously.




The industry is buzzing with rumours that other camera manufacturers will be producing their own versions later in the year so how long until we see this two lens approach filter into the world of the DSLR camera? The lenses on Fuji's innovative new camera are mounted 7cm apart (roughly the distance between most peoples eyes) and the unique Real 3D camera processes the images in real time to produce a genuine stereoscopic effect.


Fuji's "Real Photo Processor 3D" chip then takes over the hard work by blending the dual images and balancing focus, exposure and zoom and combining them on the LCD. Fuji is promising that the camera will also be able to shoot in high definition video by next year when it is released.


To our knowledge this is the first time a genuine 3D camera that produces impressive results has been even remotely affordable; previously they were solely the domain of filmmakers or specialist photographers.