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Lensbaby Lenses

Lensbaby is an innovation designed and developed by Craig Strong, and the unique design of their lenses and optics system is built around a flexible lens mounting system that is patented so you will not find a similar system from any other lens manufacturer. Not only does this flexible lens mounting system look fantastic but (more importantly) it allows an incredible amount of flexibility and creative freedom when composing shots. Originally Craig planned to just use his Lensbabies for his own purposes, however feedback from fellow photographers was so good that he decided to put them into production to allow other photographers to enjoy the benefits of his unique system.

Lensbaby as a company have a very strict mission statement that they adhere to at every opportunity, they aim to help both professional and amateur photographers see and document their worlds in unique and creative ways. Lensbaby describe how creativity, integrity, growth, customer happiness, each other and the planet are their guiding principles when they create lenses, they work hard to reduce the environmental impact their work has and are customer focused at every stage of development and retail.

The Lensbaby system is built around three core lenses, and each of these different lens bodies is aimed at a certain kind of photographer, from the quick snapper to the more calculated and deliberate artist. Lensbaby lenses are compatible with the vast majority of 4/3's mount SLR cameras including offerings from Canon, Nikon, Pentax and many more. The three Lensbaby lenses are designed to work in unison with the optic swap system allowing you to swap out the optics of the lenses in a jiffy with no fuss and no mess.

Six optics can be coupled with the creative effects SLR lens, three are selective focus and three (the fisheye, soft focus and pinhole) allow for different techniques to be used in your photography. Lensbaby also stock a tremendous variety of accessories allowing you to customise your Lensbaby lens mounting even further. From wide angle and telephoto kits to macro kits to superwideangle kits, anything and everything can be accomplished with a Lensbaby lens, you are only limited by your imagination.