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Pentax Lenses

The quality of Pentax Lenses is superb. The Pentax 67 System boasts a range of lenses suitable for many situations, and include the Standard Lenses , Wide Angle Lenses and Zoom Lenses . The Pentax System 67 Standard Lenses are ideal for day-to-day photography, and will suit many occasions. The Pentax System 67 Wide Angle Lenses combine the System 67 technology to provide superb shots with limited image distortion. Pentax's System 67 Zoom Lenses offer exceptional performance coupled with an impressive image magnification.

Pentax System KB Lenses provide advanced technology that gives professional results every time, and consists of Limited Edition Lenses , Macro Lenses , Standard Lenses and Zoom Lenses . The Pentax System KB Limited Edition Lenses produce professional results consistently, with crisp, clean images. The Pentax System KB Macro Lenses allow for exceptional close up images to be captured, with great up close contrast. The range of Pentax System KB Standard Lenses offer great quality and adaptability to give the best results. Pentax System KB Zoom Lenses couple the fantastic System KB technology with an advanced zoom system for perfect results.