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Sony Lenses

Sony's lenses including Carl Zeiss Lenses , Macro Lenses , Special Lenses , Standard Lenses , Telephoto Lenses , Wide Angle Lenses and Zoom Lenses . Sony Carl Zeiss Lenses give sharp, high contrast images only found with the 150 years of experience Zeiss have, and also feature a telephoto lens. Sony Macro Lenses allow the user to create stunning that capture the tiniest detail. The Sony Special Lenses offer unique features that can create outstanding images. Sony Standard Lenses are for all photographers, giving great versatility and performance. The Sony Telephoto Lenses are best for action, wildlife or portrait photography, giving beautiful results every time with their great telephoto lense. Sony Wide Angle Lenses give outstanding quality, and boast many additional features. Sony Zoom Lenses perform faultlessly, producing exceptional high magnification images, no matter the subject.