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The National Open Art Competition

The National Open Art Competition

The prestigious National Open Art Competition takes place in Chichester each year and has done since 1996. The aim of the competition is to enhance the art facilities in the region and to encourage all forms of artistic endeavour, and for the first year the competition is now open to art photographers.

The 2009 National Open Art Competition was the biggest year to date with a £40,000 total prize fund split across seven regional categories (Scotland, Wales, the North, the Heart of England, London and the East, South East, and South West). For the 2010 competition an eighth region has been added, Northern Ireland, and a brand new programme has been designed in order to showcase the arts.

The 2010 competition will be attended by Sir Christopher Frayling who is set to give the Art Lecture hosted by NOAC at the Minerva Theatre. Sir Christopher is Rector of the Royal College of Art and a Professor of Cultural History. For many years he also chaired the largest funding body for the arts in the UK, the Arts Council of England.

The addition of art photography to the National Open Art Competitions already impressive selection of styles and techniques will no doubt attract many of our readers, if you are interested in entering you can find out more about the competition at its website,